Rehearsal resources from previous concerts


You Tube recording of the B minor mass at the Proms

You Tube B min mass with score – Kyrie 1

You Tube B min mass with score – Kyrie 2

You Tube B min mass with score – Gloria, Et in Terra Pax

You Tube B min mass with score – Gratias

You Tube B min mass with score – Qui Tollis (5 minutes 40 seconds in)

You Tube B min mass with score – Cum Sancto Spirito (4 minutes 30 seconds in)

You Tube B min mass with score – Credo

You Tube B min mass with score – Patrem Omnipotentem

You Tube B min mass with score – Et in Carnatus Est

You Tube B min mass with score – Crucifixus

You Tube B min mass with score – Et Resurrexit

You Tube B min mass with score – Confiteor, Et Expecto

You Tube B min mass with score – Sanctus

You Tube B min mass with score – Osanna

You Tube B min mass with score – Dona Nobis Pacem

B minor Mass mp3 files in ChoraliaB

B minor mass on BBC Radio 3

Boulanger, Lili

YouTube: Hymn to the Sun by Boulanger


You Tube: To be Sung of a Summer Night on the Water by Delius

Esenvalds, Erik

Esenvalds – Amazing Grace on YouTube

Esenvalds – Evening on YouTube

Fincham, Paul

Ring the Bells (Fincham) – SoundCloud version – voice parts very clear

Ring the Bells (Fincham) – video about the new carol

Gjeilo, Ola

Ola Gjeilo – Ave Generosa on YouTube

Ola Gjeilo – Tota Pulchra es on YouTube


Grieg Hvad est du dog skjohn on YouTube

Grieg_1_for_upload – score with Norwegian underlay

Grieg – Ave Maris Stella on YouTube  and version with stave

Hensel (Mendelssohn), Fanny

YouTube: Schone Fremde by Fanny Hensel


Mahler 2: You Tube recording of last movement with moving score

Mahler 2: You Tube recording with Leonard Bernstein


Gloria – You Tube recording

Gloria – Choralia mp3 tracks for each voice part

Gloria – Cyberbass tracks for each voice part

Rehearsal notes for Rutter Gloria

The Holly and the Ivy (Rutter) You Tube

Quem Pastores (Rutter) You Tube – Abbeydale Singers


YouTube: Friede auf Erden by Schoenberg

YouTube Schoenberg Soprano 1 part

YouTube Schoenberg Soprano 2 part

YouTube Schoenberg Alto 1 part

YouTube Schoenberg Alto 2 part

YouTube Schoenberg Tenor 1 part

YouTube Schoenberg Tenor 2 part

YouTube Schoenberg Bass 1 part

YouTube Schoenberg Bass 2 part

Link to Schoenberg mp3 practice files in each voice part

Schumann, Clara

You Tube recording Abendfeier in Venedig by Clara Schumann

Wilby, Philip

CD of The Holy Face from Halifax Choral Society via link on our website at The Holy Face. 

Rehearsal notes for The Holy Face 2 Jun 2019

Singing Opportunities

Download the latest singing calendar issue – 21.05 (2020) compiled by Phil Harrison. It lists opportunities to sing fantastic works with like-minded singers; link provided by chorus member John Morgan.

Invitation to sing at world-record attempt for Children in Need – Thu 7 Nov 9.45am

A world-record attempt is being organised for BBC Children in Need – for the most people singing songs in a relay. This is where each word from the songs is sung by a different person. The first person sings the first word, the person next to them the second, and so on, until the song finishes. The songs will be well-loved nursery rhymes. The attempt will take place from 9.45am to 11am on Thursday 7th November 2019 at the Crucible Theatre. If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact Kasturi Pindar 0114 212 3007 or

Invitation to take part in Sheffield ‘Voices for Change’

Ruben Picalli, a 7 year old boy at Hallam Primary School in Sheffield, has been demonstrating at his school gates and in his town centre in support of action for climate change, presenting an assembly to nearly 400 pupils at Hallam Primary. His Mum is organising ‘Voices for Change’, gathering local people to record a melancholic version of “It takes a Worried Man to Sing a Worried Song”. Already signed up are Hallam Primary School parents/PTFA, Hallam Primary School junior choir and Sheffield Children’s Orchestra. If you are interested please contact Cathy Tuck at or telephone Cathy on 078 3456 1626.

Come and Sing John Rutter’s Requiem on January 18th 2020.

With York Music Society, led by David Pipe, 10am to 5pm. £20. Book online via Eventbrite at

Tour de France 12 – 17 July 2018

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Rehearsal reminders

Tuesday 10 July we will rehearse the French Tour music with Darius and Rachel. The rehearsal will be at KES Upper School, in the PSHE room, which is room A5 situated on the ground floor opposite the dining room. We can congregate in the foyer as usual. Please do your very best to attend – remember that right from the start Darius stressed how important it would be for everyone to attend every single rehearsal. Those travelling via ferry – bon voyage!

Please practise all the pieces at home between rehearsals, using You Tube recordings and/or Boo’s Spotify playlist, all on the chorus website at Members Area / Rehearsals / Preparing the Music,. Matthew’s Spotify playlist is on the Facebook page for the tour.


Everyone who is flying should now have checked in and downloaded their boarding passes; please make sure you do this if you haven’t already.

It has been announced that the Ryanair strike on Thursday 12th only affects flights from Ireland so the flight to Limoges should go ahead as planned. Thank goodness and fingers crossed!

The coaches from Sheffield to East Midlands will depart at 10.00 on 12 June, from the Penny Black near the bus station, with no pick-ups along the way. The pick up at East Midlands is yet to be determined but they know when the flight arrives from Limoges. Anne Adams will have the coach list; her number is 07847358814.

There will be a Sheffield tram strike on Thursday 12 July so if that’s how you would have travelled to the Penny Black, do make other arrangements!

The accommodation arrangements for those staying with French choir members can be downloaded by clicking this link: Accommodation Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus july 2018.

A reminder that the concert dress is all black including for men, and no scarves for ladies. The weather forecast is for continued heat but thankfully it should be cool in church.

Remember a hat and your sunscreen!

A quick rehearal note for Basses… If you follow the Youtube version for learning of “There is an old belief” use your own score as the one in the video has an error on page two (the second dear friends shall meet)

This works for me for the Part magnificat:

The Non-fish veggie dish can now be:

Bonjour je peu leur faite une assiette composé de tagliatelle endive haricots vert en plus grosse quantité.

Tour Latest.. 22nd June 2018

The concert dress for Perigueux is (at present) all black, including for the men. If it is hot (and it’s currently in the 30’s) then men would not wear jackets (or ties). If this causes difficulty for too many members on the black shirt / top –  front, Matthew will try and negotiate white shirts if necessary – please let him know via email.

For Phil-only concerts, we could either do the same, or allow white tops for the men (no jackets). It may be cool in church but we are only in there for a short time and people who feel the cold could wear something underneath.

Matthew has now paid for the luggage, so those that have not paid him, please either pay by bank transfer as before or bring money on Tuesday 26th June. It’s £25 outward, obviously if you are not flying back, it will just be one fee.

Matthew will bring in check lists on Tuesday 26th June, to confirm a few things; please sign / initial if all is ok, or amend as necessary.

The coach to East Midlands airport and back from Sheffield has been booked. Please come to the Tuesday 26th June rehearsal with suggestions for useful but realistic Pickup Point(s) on the way.

Ryanair changes luggage policy again, please check their wesbite for details ?!?!

Please check out “staying with French Choir” List below.


Thursday 12th July 2018

  • Outbound FR1632 Departure Airport East Midlands (EMA) 13.45
  • Arrival Airport Limoges (LIG)16.30 local time
  • Coach from Limoges to Perigueux 17.00 Drop DB and HK at Thiviers 17.30 Arrive Allee de tourney, Perigueux 18.30

Friday 13th July 2018

  • 10.30am – Due to Orchestral commitments, there will now be a Tutti rehearsal in Perigueux  Cathedral 10.30 (for 10.45) until 12.00; Sheffield Phil members are encouraged to “save their voices” as much as possible.
  • 14.40 Coach leaves Perigueux Arrive Excideuil 15.30
  • 15.45 to 17.15 Rehearsal
  • Tea time tbc 17.15 to 19.15
  • 19.15 Line up for 19.30 concert Concert approx. 1 1/4 hour plus break approx. 21.00 end
  • 21.30 Coach back to Perigueux arrive 22.10

Saturday 14th July 2018

  • 14.00 Full Tutti Rehearsal Perigueux Cathedral
  • Saturday night possibility of combined dinner and watch the fireworks on a Boat Restaurant, 6 mins from Perigueux Cathedral

Sunday 15th July 2018

  • 14.00 Full Tutti rehearsal at Cathedral
  • Concert that evening

Monday 16th July 2018

  • 17.45 St Astier Coach Leaves Perigueux for 1 Hour Rehearsal
  • 18.45 tea
  • 20.45 Line up for concert at 21.00
  • 22.45 Coach returns to Perigueux

Tuesday 17th July 2018

  • Flight FR1633 depts 16.35, arrives 17.15 UK time
  • 12.30 Coach leaves Perigueux , collect DB and HK at Thiviers at 13.00

Latest downloadable: timings v1 with coaches


  • Rehearsals in the UK will take place on Tuesday 12, 19 and 26 June 2018, and 3 and 10 July.
  • Due to Rachel Fright’s prior commitments, Nigel Gyte will accompany us for the first four rehearsals, and Rachel for the final one on 10 July.
  • Rehearsals in France TBC.


  • Friday 13th July at 21.00 – Le Eglise de Excideuil – Phil-only concert
  • Sunday 15th July Joint concert in Perigueux cathedral
  • Monday 16th July 2018 St Astier, Dordogne, 15km West of Perigueux – Phil-only concert.



  • Dubois Scores were given out on 29th May.
  • For the combined concert in Perigueux, they have added 3 items from the Brahms Requiem
  • Running order for the Phil Only concerts thus far:
    • Stanford 3 motets
    • Tippett 3 from Child of our Time (Steal away/nobody knows/go down Moses)
    • Organ solo
    • Parry My soul/Never weather-beaten sail/there is an old belief)
    • Interval
    • Esenvalds Lielupe River
    • Part Magnificat
    • Organ solo
    • Saint-Saens x2
    • Rachmaninov x2 (No 6 and no 13)
  • That is just over 30 minutes of music in each half without allowing for chat/shuffling about.  Actual running time would be c.35 minutes each half, so a 7.30 concert would finish just before 9 with a 20-minute interval
  • Music for Phil Only Concerts:
    Esenvalds: Lielupe River
    Part Magnificat (Solo: Boo Spurgeon)
    Organ solo: Bach: Fantasia & Fugue in C minor BWV537
    Saint-Saens: Two Choruses Calme de nuites Les fleurs et des arbre
    Rachmaninov: from Vespers 6: Ave Maria (Rejoice, O virgin) 13: Today salvation has come to the world
    Parry: From Songs of Farewell: My Soul, there is a country; Never weather-beaten sail; There is an old belief)
    Tippett: From Child of our Time Steal away  Nobody knows Go down, Moses
    Organ solo (in Excideuil): Mendelssohn Sonata 3 in A major ((i) Con moto maestoso (ii) Andante tranquillo
    Organ solo (in St Astier): Fela Sowande
    Stanford: Three motets Justorum animae Coelos ascendit hodie Beati quorum via
    For Perigueux
    Dubois Messe de delivrance
    Brahms Requiem 3, 5,6


The comittee have decided all costs will be paid for by the Phil, and then when all bills and receipts are in, tour members will be asked to pay their share on return to the UK


Ryanair’s luggage policy has recently changed – check out the new rules here. Basically you can take ONE small personal bag on board which must be no larger than 35cm x 20cm x 20cm (weight not specified) so it can under your seat, eg handbag, laptop bag or small back pack. You can also take a larger bag (55cm x 40cm x 20cm max weight 10kg) which will be put in the hold free of charge (unless you pay extra for  “Priority & 2 Cabin Bags”).  Passengers who have reduced mobility and have prebooked airport special assistance can carry both of these into the cabin with them. Duty free bags are permitted in the cabin along with your cabin baggage.

Matthew has now booked 20kg bags for the hold, costing £25 each way; please pay him if you haven’t already!

Please advise any Errors or Omissions a.s.a.p.

The proposed plan is to join with a French choir to sing ‘Le messe de deliverance‘ by François-Clément Théodore Dubois, a piece commissioned by the choir to commemorate WWII, in The Cathedral at Perigueux on Sunday 15 July, avec l’ensemble vocal de Périgueux and L’ensemble vocal Arnault de Mareuil. Our own Darius Battiwalla will also be taking an organ part.  We will also sing a few extracts from Brahms Requiem.
There are  flights from Nottingham East Midlands to Limoges France; these fly out on Thursdays and back on Tuesdays, hence the suggested tour dates. Accommodation with French Choir members would be in and around Perigueux, which is about 1.5 hours drive from Limoges airport. Those arranging their own accommodation may stay where like of course; Bergerac is not far away for example.

Report after Matthew’s 2nd visit to France.

I have put up a lot of posters in the aeras of St Astier and Excideuil, and been to the local Mayors offices and tourist info offices too.
I had good visit to St Astier, and they took 31 Posters and some fliers, with the promise of adverts in 3 of the local press publications.
We will sing at the back end of the church as that’s where previuos choirs have sung, and enjoyed the best accoustics.

Choir list as at 16/06/2018 – please advise any errors or omissions to Matthew asap.

1.Katie Owens – A
2.Rebecca Hutten – A1
3.Alan John Anderson – B1
4.Patrick Vaughan – B1
5.Rachel Copley – S2
6.Helen Victoria Kirk -S1
7.Helen Eyre – S2
8.Imelda Murphy – S2
9.Rosemary Elizabeth Anderson -S2
10.Kat Harkness – S1
11.Caroline Anne Hughes-Lawson -S2
12.Angela Wren – S2
13.James Oliver – T1
14.Jane Turley – A2
15.Kath Eadon – A1
16.Valerie Brown – A1
17.Marianne Grayson – A1
18.Janet Michalowski -A1
19.Peter Miles -B2
20.Ben Stone – B1
21.Matthew Morgan – B2
22.Diane Dalby – S1
23.Sally Turnbull – S2
24.Ann Curtis Garbett – S2
25.Magdalene Lake -S1
26.Rosemary Caine -S2
27.Janet Bower -S1
28.Anne Adams -S2
29.Paul Bedwell -T1
30.Boo Spurgeon -S2
31.Dick Williams – B1
32.John Spence – T1
33.Paul Henstridge – T1
34.Sue Pennington -S2
35.Kitty Turnell – A2
36.Annabel Park -A2?
37.Hilary Olsen (Bingham) – S2
38.Graham Dawson -B2
39.Louise Dawson – S1
40.Jane Shute -A1
41.Nicki Power -S1
42.Penny Webster – A1
43.David Booker  – B1
44.Rebecca Lambert  – S1
45.Kate Reece – A2
Sops 21
Altos 12
Tenors 4
Basses 8
Total singers 46
Ryanair List and flight info

Here is the current list of people include in the Group Quote from Ryanair to fly Nottingham East Midlands Out on July 12th to Limoges and return on 17th.
times: 13:45-FR1632 from East Midlands, arrive Limoges 16.30  Return on 17th Departs at (amended) 16:35-FR1633 arrives east midlands 17.15 < revised by Ryanair 2nd May

1 Alan John Anderson – CONFIRMED  Pd-1
2 Angela Wren- Confirmed 80.00
3 Annabel Park CONFIRMED outward  Pd-29
4 Boo Spurgeon – CONFIRMED  Pd-2
5 Caroline Anne Hughes-Lawson – CONFIRMED  Pd-23
6 Diane Dalby – CONFIRMED  Pd-24
7 Dick Williams – CONFIRMED  Pd-3
8 Helen Eyre – CONFIRMED  Pd-20
9 Helen Victoria Kirk – CONFIRMED  Pd-28
10 Hilary Bigham – CONFIRMED  Pd-21
11 Imelda Murphy – CONFIRMED  Pd-22
12 James Oliver – CONFIRMED  Pd-4
13 Jane shute – CONFIRMED  Pd-19
14 Jane Turley – CONFIRMED  Pd-5
15 Janet Michalowski – CONFIRMED  Pd-18
16 Jill Robson (Patrick vaughan) – CONFIRMED  Pd-17
17 Kath Eadon – CONFIRMED outward  Pd-15
18 Katie Owens – CONFIRMED  Pd-25
19 Kat HarknessConfirmed  Pd-6
20 Magdalene Lake – CONFIRMED  Pd-14
21 Marianne Grayson CONFIRMED outward  Pd-7
22 Nicki Power – CONFIRMED  Pd-8
23 Patrick Vaughan – CONFIRMED  Pd-16
24 Penny Webster CONFIRMED  Pd-9
25 Rachel Copley – CONFIRMED  Pd-10
26 Rebecca Hutten – CONFIRMED  Pd-11
27 Rosemary (terry) Caine – CONFIRMED  Pd-12
28 Rosemary Elizabeth Anderson – CONFIRMED  Pd-13
29 Val Brown – CONFIRMED  Pd-27
30 Paul Henstridge – CONFIRMED  PD-26
(31) Rebecca Lambert Pd-direct
(32) Darius Battiwalla Pd-direct
(33) David Booker Pd-direct
Outbound 33
Return 30
One way 3
Total 33

Let me know if you wish to add 20Kg checked-n bag, but note, you are then 100% committed at that stage, as will all be after April 15th when the names are submitted.

Accomodation check – for those staying with French Choir members

Persons                                                                 WF Choir                       Notes / stay with

2 2 Patrick Vaughan none


3 1 Penny Webster 447535217960 yes
5 1 Anne Adams 447847358814 yes Helen Eyre
6 1 Kate Reece 447779067409 yes Helen Eyre
7 1 Helen Eyre 447960705172 yes Kate & Anne
17 2 Kitty Turnell 447592386974 yes not Monday
18 1 Marianne Grayson 447875274540 yes Thurs & Friday Annie Park
19 1 Annabel Park 447791318611 yes Thurs & Friday Marianne Grayson
23 1 Kath Eadon 447775814084 yes
24 1 Helena jane  shute 447712851475 yes
26 2 Rosemary Anderson 447816603078 yes Alan Anderson
28 2 Boo Spurgeon 447930832872 yes Jane Turley
31 1 Rosemary caine 447949397110 yes
32 1 Imelda Murphy 447910884518 yes
33 1 Richard – Dick Williams 447876796507 yes english speakers ?
34 1 Valerie Brown 447855402800 yes
38 1 rebecca Hutten 447824508897 yes Thurs & Friday Marianne and annie


2 – 3 people if possible

4 — Couples

7 – single people

Flights to and from the region.

  • The two main airports are Bergerac and Limoges. If you are doing your own, Fly-drive, there is also Bordeaux.
  • Ryanair Fly to and from Nottigham East Midlands to Perigueux on Tues, Thurs and Saturday (in the summer)
  • Ryanair Fly to and from Nottigham East Midlands to Bergerac Wednesday and Sunday
  • fly to and from Leeds Bradford to Bergerac in the Summer
  • 14th to 21st e.g. is £166
  • Flybe Birmingham to Bergerac 10th to 16th £84 is another possibility (50 mins drive Bergerac to Perigueux)
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