Arrangements for Verdi Requiem 18 June 2023

Arrangements for the Verdi Requiem piano rehearsal on Friday 16 June 2023

People with Ricordi scores MUST add bar numbers, and everyone needs to make the amendments sent by Sofi Jeannin available here: Verdi Requiem conductor notes given at 6 June rehearsal

The piano rehearsal will be on Friday 16 June 2023, from 19.00 to 21.00 or 21.15.

The venue is Heeley Hall, Birkdale School, Endcliffe Crescent, S10 3EB , Sheffield. Link to map of the school showing entrances, car parks etc:  Birkdale map

Access to the venue is via the Heeley Hall using the Sports Hall entrance on Oakholme Road (no other entrance will be available) as shown on the map.

Car parking: Street parking only. If you have mobility issues and would prefer to use the very small car park near the Sports Hall entrance, please contact Jim Monach at  or by telephone (number is on the map) to reserve a space.

Leeds coach parking: In the coach bays on Oakholme Road which is just outside the School’s main entrance.

Bikes may be chained to the railing that surround the visitor’s car park (see Birkdale map)

Toilets are near the entrance.

Look out for the signing in sheets and make sure you register.

Please sit in voice part blocks, from the left facing conductor:A1 A2 B1 B2 T2 T1 S2 S1 tall people towards the back and edges.

Health and Safety at Heeley Hall

  • Do not attend the concert if you have symptoms of Covid.
  • Don’t use breakable vessels; store and carry hot drinks safely.
  • Keep belongings out of thoroughfares, especially in restricted areas.
  • Emergency evacuation procedure will be outlined verbally before the rehearsal starts.

Contact Jim Monach if you have any questions at  or by telephone (number is on the map)

Arrangements for the Verdi Requiem concert on Sunday 18 June 2023

The concert is on Sunday 18 June 2023 at 19.00 in the City Hall. Jim Monach’s summary of the instructions is here: VERDI concert plan

Health and safety

  • Do not attend the concert if you have symptoms of Covid.
  • Don’t use breakable vessels in dressing rooms; store and carry hot drinks safely.
  • No drinks on stage during the performance, even in bottles – the thud if they fall down from the risers will be very loud!
  • Take care not to drop music or drinks bottles between the choir risers as they will be very difficult for City Hall staff to retrieve.
  • Keep belongings out of thoroughfares, especially in restricted areas.
  • Take care when using the stairs and steps to the stage.
  • Make sure you know the emergency evacuation procedure (below)

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an emergency, a continuous alarm will be sounded, and we will be directed out to:

  • Fire – War memorial on Barker’s Pool
  • Bomb – Devonshire Green

Follow the directions of marshals and leave in an orderly fashion.  Do not try to retrieve belongings.

 Concert programme and running times 

  • 18.00 Pre-concert talk: Hallé Chief Executive David Butcher (introduction to the 2023/24 Season, 30 mins) You are welcome to listen from the organ seats if in choir dress, or from the balcony
  • 19.00 Verdi Requiem (no interval)

 Rehearsal times 

  • 14.00 to 17.00

Car Parking

Getting into (and out of) City Hall

  • SPC should access the City Hall from 13.00 by the main front doors where there will be sign-in sheets. These will be taken to the Stage Door before the rehearsal starts.
  • LFC should enter via the Stage Door at the back, near where the coach will park, down a short flight of stairs. There’s a bell on the right if the door is closed.
  • LFC sign-in sheets will be on the production corridor – from Stage Door turn left, go through two sets of double doors, the desk will be on the right before you get to the stairs going down to the basement at Stairwell G. There should be signage but ask Stage Door staff if you get lost – they are very friendly.
  • Please take bags and coats to the dressing room (see below) before going on stage for the rehearsal. Allow a good 10 minutes to get there and back in time.
  • If you leave the building after the rehearsal, exit via the Stage Door, signing out as you go – SPC at Stage Door, LFC on production corridor. This is most important, otherwise, emergency services would search in vain for you should the building have to be evacuated during your absence. Re-enter by the Stage Door, NOT by the front doors please.
  • Try to take the most direct route onto the stage, even if this takes you onto the wrong side. It’s better to cross the stage in front of the organ if that’s quicker and more direct than the backstage route along stairs and corridors.

Dressing rooms

  • There will be signs at the stage door, please just ask if you get lost
  • Individuals with poor mobility – Dressing room 4 (not DR1). This is up a short flight of stairs stage left, ie on the same side as the altos and basses, but once there you are at choir riser level. Unfortunately it’s quite a walk to get there and you may prefer to use the lift to and from the basement.
  • Choirs will be in the North and South Halls in the basement. Please stay out of the ballroom unless you have sent an RSVP for the Halle reception at 5pm
  • To get to the basement from the main doors (SPC) either take the lift from the foyer all the way to the bottom or walk along the curved corridor behind the auditorium in the direction of the stage, then through the double doors. Continue forwards, passing through three sets of double doors to reach Stairwell G going down to the basement.
  • To get to the basement from Stage Door (LFC) turn left, go through three sets of double doors to the stairs going down to the basement (Stairwell G).
  • People can eat packed teas in their dressing rooms (NOT the ballroom) but please leave them as you found them and take your rubbish home.


  • There are toilets in the basement corridors and a fully accessible toilet in the corridor at Stage Door level
  • We have asked that the auto-lock on the doors from backstage to the auditorium are switched off, so that you can use the nearest auditorium toilets. However, there is no guarantee that the auto-lock will be over-ridden, so these access doors may lock and you will face a long walk back round the outside of the building and in via the Stage Door.

Choir seating

  • You can download or view the seating plan at VERDI Seating Plan 180623
  • Please be in position on the stage for the tutti rehearsal by 13.50 at the latest
  • If you arrive on stage before 13.50, please be silent as the orchestra may be rehearsing
  • Please sit in voice part blocks in accordance with the seating plan,  tall people towards the back and edges of the risers and on the organ seats.
  • Your place at the rehearsal is your place for the concert but be prepared to move if adjustments are required to ensure good sightlines for everyone. Only move inwards if a space opens up due to an unforeseen absence.
  • Choir members with poor mobility should sit either on the organ risers or on the back row – please follow instructions at the afternoon tutti rehearsal

Concert dress

  • No perfume or after shave please – there are people with allergies
  • Women: plain black long-sleeved top with modest neckline (short sleeves with plain black cardigan is fine but keep the cardigan on), plain black long skirt or trousers (no jeans, leggings, skin tight trousers or crop pants), black shoes and socks or tights. NO SCARVES
  • Men: black DJ or black jacket, unbuttoned, white shirt, black bow tie, black socks and shoes
  • Music in black folder

Concert programmes  

  • You will need to buy a programme from the foyer or one of the bars.

Pre-concert reception at 5pm

If you sent your RSVP by 9 June 2023 you will receive email instructions about how to access the ballroom for the reception. Everyone else should stay out of the ballroom please.

Pre-concert talk at 6pm

  • Hallé Chief Executive David Butcher  is giving an introduction to the 2023/24 Season at 18.00.
  • You are welcome to watch, from the choir seats (in concert dress) or from the balcony or rear circle – but take care not to get in the way of audience members or Front of House staff

Entry onto the stage for the concert

  • Take your places on the stage informally, in your own time
  • Please don’t wave at friends in the audience.
  • If you are happy with the long wait, you can start to take your on-stage seat any time after 6.30pm, but please be in your seat, with your music, by 6.50 at the latest.

Stage protocol

  • Stand when the conductor comes on, as the orchestra does. Sit after the applause.
  • When the pieces end, stay very still, then lower scores together when the applause starts.
  • Sit when the conductor leaves, stand when he asks us to do so. Sit when he leaves again.
  • Don’t applaud while standing – it’s okay to applaud when soloists or conductors come back on for their second bow.
  • Everyone will need to project with confidence and energy, given the City Hall’s very dry acoustic. Ignore the fact that it sounds like you and a few around you are the only people singing; be confident and sing out – unless it’s meant to be piano of course.
  • The same dry acoustic makes it more difficult to hear other voice parts, so watch the conductor like a hawk – you won’t get the level of sound cues you may be used to.
  • Look up as often and for as long as possible – especially for the sections we have been asked to learn by heart
  • Keep still when not singing – don’t cause a distraction, as we are in full view of the audience.

Getting off stage and out of the building after the concert

  • File off stage row by row, starting at the back
  • Move along corridors etc as quickly as you can so you don’t create a blockage – chat about how great it was when you reach the dressing room!
  • Check that you have everything with you before you go home
  • Leave via any exit, and there’s no need to sign out



At the AGM in November 2023, members agreed to increase the subscription fee to £156 (£39 concessionary rate). The fee should be paid from November onwards, preferably before the end of the year. For people who join later in the year, the rates are £104 (£26) for two terms and £52 (£13) for one term.

Everyone, no matter how they pay, needs to complete the Subscription Form, which must be completed online, at The form captures your entries onto a spreadsheet which makes the record-keeping and accounting much easier for the Finance Officer. You should find it easy to complete, but if you do struggle please see our new Finance Officer Jane Parkin at rehearsal and she will show you how to do it. Please pay by bank transfer if at all possible; the bank details etc are at the bottom of the form.

Members should complete the form using their full names as recognised by HMRC, otherwise Gift Aid collection will be problematic. It really helps if you can enable Gift Aid, in which case please remember to complete the Gift Aid section on the form – though no problem if you prefer not to or can’t.

Monthly Standing Order payments are available to those paying for 2 or 3 terms of the season.  If you are paying for one term, please make a single internet bank transfer instead. Subs should be paid in full by the end of the season, so please ensure that your monthly standing order payments complete the amount and stop in July, then restart the following November when the new subscription rate is fixed. 

If anyone has difficulty paying for any reason, then please contact Jane; her phone number and email address are at the bottom of the subscription form; her email is at the bottom of every weekly update and at Chorus Contacts 

Membership cards will be given to members who have completed forms and paid or arranged Standing Order payments. Your old card will still work for signing-in purposes.



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