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Saturday 02 April 2022 4BARSREST

Black Dyke Band will join forces with the Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus and choirs from France and Germany for a special performance of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ later this month. The band will be joined by three choirs for the special performance. Yorkshire Champions Black Dyke and the Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus will welcome choirs from France and Germany on their mini-tour in April, culminating in a joint performance of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ on St George’s Day.

“This long-awaited trip was planned two years ago, but we had to postpone it when the pandemic struck” explained Matthew Morgan, who sings with both French and Sheffield choirs and organised the visit. “Fingers crossed that nothing stands in the way of it happening this time!”

The three choirs will join Black Dyke at Sheffield City Hall on Saturday 23rd April for the performance of Handel’s famous oratorio. “We are thrilled to be working with Black Dyke on this multi-national project’ said Chorus Chair Paul Henstridge. “This version isn’t performed very often, and it’s such a privilege to be able to sing it with one of the best bands in the world with our friends from France and Germany.”

The concert will feature some of its arias being performed for the first time in this realisation, including ‘How Beautiful are the Feet’ arranged by Chorus Music Director Darius Battiwalla. “Darius created this brass arrangement during the coronavirus lock down and recorded it with Black Dyke and soprano Catrin Pryce-Jones’ explained Chorus president Rachel Copley,

The joint concert echoes a visit made by the Sheffield choir a few years ago, when they joined the Philharmonischer Chor Bochum in a performance of ‘Messiah’ to celebrate the opening of Bochum’s brand new concert hall. The visit includes a tour of Sheffield Town Hall, hosted by the Lord Mayor, as well as trips to York and Haddon Hall.

Tickets for the event on Saturday 23rd April (7.00pm), are available from the City Hall.

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