Competition FAQs

1. When is the competition deadline?
Entries must be submitted up to midnight on 31 December 2022.

2. Is there an age limit?
Entrants must be between 18 and 35 years of age, inclusive.

3. Can I submit more than one entry?
You may submit up to two entries. Each must be submitted separately accompanied by a fresh application form.

4. Can I send you my music at other times of the year?
Compositions can only be considered in the context of the competition; competition email contacts will be disabled following the finale concert on 19 March 2023.

5. What type/genre of music can I submit?
The competition is part of the Classical Sheffield Festival, and choral compositions should be in keeping with the aim to perform the winning work at the festival finale. We recommend you submit your best work.

6. Will the scores be anonymised before being shared with judges?
Yes. For this reason, submitted compositions must not include the name of the composer, nor any other marking that could reveal their identity.

7. Can I submit my entry by post?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept postal submissions. Please send all requirements electronically, to

8. How many prize-winners will be selected?
There will be three prize-winners, winning £1,500, £1,000, and £500.

9. Who will perform the winning work on 19 March 2023?
Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus has organised the competition in conjunction with Classical Sheffield and will perform the winning composition alongside Hallam Choral Society at the finale of Classical Weekend Festival in March 2023. There are likely to be around 200 singers performing the winning work.

10. I am not a UK citizen, can I apply?
Yes, as long as you have lived, studied or worked in Sheffield.

11. How much does it cost to apply?
Competition entry is free.

12. Can I claim travel expenses to attend the performance?
The competition organisers do not pay expenses, whether for travel to attend performances or for any other purpose.

13. When will applicants be notified?
Applicants will be notified by the end of January 2023.

14. Can I ask for feedback about my submission?
All entries will receive feedback from the judges as part of the notification procedure. Judges are unable to respond to requests for additional feedback.

For further enquiries please contact