At the AGM in November 2020, members agreed to reduce the subscription fee to £66. The fee should be paid from November onwards, preferably before the end of the year.

Please remember that everyone needs to complete a new subscription form each year, even if you pay by standing order and want to maintain your payments at the previous rate. You can download the form using the link below:

Please send your completed form to Graham Dawson electronically if at all possible; an email return will ‘count’ as a signed form.

Members should complete the form using their full names as recognised by HMRC, otherwise Gift Aid collection will be problematic. It really helps if you can enable Gift Aid, in which case please remember to complete the Gift Aid section on the form – though it’s no problem if you prefer not to or can’t. We will delay the issue of new membership cards until we can meet in person again.

Please note that those who pay by standing order will need to amend the details if they want to pay the reduced rate.

It’s easier for Graham if members pay by internet bank transfer or standing order; cash payments are obviously impossible at the moment.

If you want to pay by cheque then please put your Family name and Chorus Number on the back (eg dawson806) and post your cheque to Graham Dawson, Swaithe House, Mitchell Street, Swaithe, Barnsley, S70 3QF. Cheques will be quarantined for a time before being opened and taken to the bank.

A number of members have indicated their intention to continue to pay the full subs, and we are really very grateful for the generosity of anyone who decides to do this. However, please don’t worry if you prefer to pay the reduced fee – and If anyone has difficulty paying for any reason, then please contact Graham; his phone numbers and email address are at the bottom of the subscription form.