Bring a Man Night

8 November 2019

Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus is holding a special series of rehearsals starting on Tuesday 12 November, when members are invited to ‘bring a man’ to try the choir out. ‘We are looking for new members and especially need tenors and basses’ explained Chorus Chair Paul Henstridge, ‘so we thought we’d ask everyone to bring along anyone who might be interested in finding out what it’s like singing in a big symphonic choir – with a special welcome given to men’.

Chorus soprano Georgina Hulse will lead a workshop at 6.30 for the next five weeks, focusing on reading music, following a score, pitch and rhythm – and anything else that workshop attenders want to work on. Those attending will then be invited to join the Chorus as they rehearse for their forthcoming Christmas concert, and for their Messiah concert next April.

‘We’ll be learning some new carols as well as rehearsing familiar ones, ready for our annual Christmas carol concert with the Black Dyke Band on 14 December’ said Music Director Darius Battiwalla ‘Anyone who comes along for the trial period and who attends every week and then passes an audition, will be able to sing in the Christmas concerts in the City Hall’

For the first two weeks the Chorus will be rehearsing Handel’s majestic oratorio Messiah as well as carols, so providing newcomers with a taste of rehearsing for a major oratorio. The Messiah will be the brass band version, presented on Saturday 18 April 2020 in Sheffield cathedral, accompanied by the world famous Black Dyke Band, the most recorded brass band in the world. The concert is set to be a very special occasion, as the Chorus will be joined by 80 visitors from Bochum in Germany and Perigeux in France, swelling the numbers singing to over 200.

If you’d like to join the Chorus over the next few weeks than either contact New Members Officer Sally Turnbull on 0143 363 0970 or 07771 578233, or email .  Alternatively, just turn up on Tuesday 12 November or in subsequent weeks, at 6.30 for the workshops, or from 7 to 9pm for the rehearsal, at King Edward VII Upper School, Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2PW.  Follow this link to the school’s website.