Our Trustees

The Chorus is run by a committee of trustees which is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in November.  The Trustees meet approximately five times a year to plan and manage Chorus affairs. Trustees receive a Trustee Pack which includes guidance documents produced by the Charities Commission to help them understand and meet their responsibilities. The trustees who were elected in November 2017 are:

Chair: Paul Henstridge

Administrator: Anne Adams administrator@sheffieldphil.org.uk

Finance Officer: Graham Dawson

Membership Officer: John Spence membership@sheffieldphil.org

Librarian: Els Pearse

Minutes Secretary: Sue Pennington

New Members’ Officer: Sally Turnbull 

Marketing and Publicity Officer: Paul Bedwell media@sheffieldphil.org

Social Events Officer: Helen Kirk

Education and Outreach Officer: Georgina Hulse

Transport Officer: Paul Duffield

Members’ Representative: Rachel Mallaband

Members’ Representative Janet Hoyle


Other than Trustees, various other members help the Chorus meet its’ objectives:

Voice Reps: Katrina Hulse, Pat Hall, Rachel Rowlands, Kate Reece, Jim Monach, Richard Salt, Allan Lacey.

Graphic Designer: Paul Boardman

Website: Anne Adams, Matthew Morgan, Bill Best

Independent Examiner: Richard Pike

Making Music Representative: Richard Salt

Stairclimber: Bill Best, Howard Dore, Rachel Mallaband, John Morgan, Kate Reece.