Is this your first rehearsal?

You may be singing a piece for the first time that the choir are already familiar with. To some this will not be an issue but to many this can be a daunting experience which should not deter you — it is worth persevering! Within a couple of weeks you'll find yourself singing the piece around the house (often without realising!).

Here are some points to bear in mind:

  • our music can be challenging and even our existing members find a new piece difficult at first.
  • you need to be able to read music well enough to follow your voice part and to recognise the length of notes and the rhythm. You also need to be familiar with basic instructions and dynamics, e.g., cres, mf, etc., although less familiar terms are explained.
  • an ability to sight-read is desirable, though your skills in this area will improve over time with regular singing, and listening to the voices around you will help you tremendously. Do not worry if you feel that you are weak in this area. Discuss it at your audition and you will be advised accordingly.
  • you will need to audition before you are able to sing in concerts but it is important that you wait until you feel ready. Whilst some are eager to audition immediately, others prefer to wait for 2 or 3 months in order to learn the audition pieces thoroughly and get used to being with a big choir.
  • a reasonably strong level of commitment is required by members. In order to perform in a concert, you must attend 75% of rehearsals, the Conductor’s piano rehearsal and the orchestral rehearsal on the day of the concert.
  • on concert days members are usually required at the City Hall from 2pm for a two hour orchestral rehearsal, then again from 6.30pm until the end of the concert. Visiting other venues requires longer hours and rehearsals are occasionally conducted at these venues. Members are advised several months in advance of all rehearsals and concerts so that arrangements can be made.