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This page includes general information for all Chorus members, including concert dress and vocal training tips.

Official documents including AGM papers and summer newsletters can be found the password protected section. If you're not sure of the login details, please ask any choir or committee member.

Ladies: concert dress

Versions for printing: Word or PDF.

Chorus hotline

The Chorus Hotline is 07572 615360. This hotline is used in conjunction with the website and emails as a way of updating members with additional travel arrangements and rehearsal cancellations during bad weather.

Rehearsals at King Edward VII Upper School

We are now rehearsing at a new venue, King Edward VII [King Ted's] Upper School, Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2PW.

Access by car
There are two vehicle access points from Newbould Lane and from Glossop Road.
There is limited car parking on site but there is substantial street parking on Clarkhouse Rd. and other streets nearby after 6.30. Disabled access using ramps and a lift is from the town end of the site off Glossop Rd. The disabled entrance to the Hall is further along towards the eastern end of the building where there is a lift up to the next floor.

Access on foot / by Bus
There are numerous bus services stopping at the bus stops on the roads surrounding the school (Glossop Road, Newbould Lane and Clarkhouse Rd) and a lot of services. For details of bus routes, go to:
In addition to the access points from Newbould Lane and from Glossop Road, there is pedestrian access from the city end of Clarkehouse Rd.

Maggie's vocal excercises

The vocal excercises Maggie has provided to keep our voices in shape (especially over the summer break) can be found in the password-protected section.

Voice tips

The folk singer and speech and language therapist Shan Graebe runs courses on use of the voice and on how to look after it. She has included a number of handouts from these workshops on her webpage and these may well be of interest to members.

The Choral Cure

We know that singing makes us feel great but now research being carried out is discovering how singing can actually improve your health. The benefits of singing for health are being rediscovered by health practitioners and patients, such as those attending "Singing for Breathing" sessions at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

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