Friends of SPC - Where does the money go?

This is a question asked by every family and Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus is no different!

Let’s be honest – when planning a season of concerts the Chorus has to look at the ‘big picture’ when deciding whether it can perform a particular piece, in collaboration with the visiting orchestra, or can afford to add a Concert at its own expense. Fortunately we have never had to restrict the number of singers because we couldn’t afford to pay for an extra seat on the platform or take someone to an Orchestra Rehearsal in Manchester…but we thought you might like to know the cost of some of the items we have to provide and how they relate to your contribution.

A Supporter’s £25 pays for

  • a seat on the City Hall platform for one Chorus member for the season;
  • an individual voice coaching session with our professional Voice Coach
  • three return coach journeys for one singer to attend rehearsals or concerts outside Sheffield

A Friend’s £120 pays for

  • rehearsal piano tuning for a year
  • one-third of the cost a Tuesday evening rehearsal.

A Friend for Life’s £1,000 pays for a

  • soloist in a concert
  • total choir seating on the platform for one concert.

And the bigger picture?

Oh yes – to allow us to put on an extra concert we would need funds available of around  £25,000 and be prepared to subsidise the concert (after ticket sales) by some £10,000.

This is our hope – and becoming a member of Friends will help us achieve it.

Join us now by printing and completing this membership form: pdf version / Word version or to find out more, telephone John Hyde on 07802 663637 or email