Photos: Bochum, April 2007

Set 3: A tour of Bochum, a trip on the lake, the concert and departure (April 6th-7th)

The third day began with a tour around the sites of Bochum, ending with a boat trip on Lake Kemnade. The afternoon was fairly free, even though the concert took place in the evening. After the concert, we visited a tapas bar in the city centre for the farewell party.

Photos contributed by Janet Bower, Rebecca Hutten, Frazer Jarvis, Jim Monach, Gunda Nitardy, Brian O'Sullivan, Pam Osborne, Jane Shute, John Spence, Margaret Staniforth, Jane Turley and Richard Williams.

The design of this photo album is due to Stu Nicholls (see in particular this page).